Comes a time…

RPM 2017 finished disc.jpg

…About this time every year, when I poke my head out of the hole I’ve been hiding in, blinking fiercely at the light of day and wondering if the storm that is February has finally passed.  It has, and we weathered it.  Not only that, but there’s something to show for it: namely, the latest Ouroboros album, Requiems & Rebirth.  The Official RPM Challenge copy has been burned after only two! last-minute – and very focused, I might add – remasters of select tracks.  That being said, of course there are compromises involved anytime you undertake such a project with a hard deadline, but all in all it’s been a successful Challenge and a good year in Ouroboros-land.

If you guys liked last year’s effort, then I have no doubt you’ll enjoy this one as well.  In many ways, it builds on the groundwork of previous years, but it manages to go some rather unexpected places as well.  I can attest to the fact that many writers and musicians before me have said; sometimes, the songs just write themselves.  Which, when you think about it, is probably a good thing for those of us who tend to enter the month with less than a full slate of songs to work with.  Even so, the album came out with a nice bit of polish on it, and doesn’t feel rushed at all.  The process gets a little smoother every time, so I suppose it means I’m learning something after all!

At any rate, the album is bound for the mail sometime tomorrow to meet the March 1st submission deadline.  Album art is currently in the works and should be finished shortly, and the pressing of official retail copies will be underway soon after.  In the meantime, enjoy a sneak-preview over on the Aural Love page!  And as always, thanks for listening!

Oh, this ol’ world keeps spinnin’ round…

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