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What you’re about to experience is the product of a fun little thing called the RPM Challenge.  Basically, the Challenge is this: record an album of original music EXCLUSIVELY within the 28 days of February.  That’s right; one month, one full album.  And yes, they chose the shortest month of the year on purpose.  I meant fun in a sado-masochistic kind of way, except with guitars & mixing boards & lots of cursing (in my case, at least) instead of the whips & unmentionables.  So yeah.

Obviously to record an entire album in that small amount of time requires a bit of compromise, but the object isn’t to have the next ultra-slick-production, Grammy-winning pop record; it’s to have a record, and the satisfaction that you did it without a team of managers, engineers, PR flunkies, and the best session musicians money can buy.  At least, this is what I tell myself so I don’t cry myself to sleep every night, wishing for the simpler days when February was just another word and not a loaded gun to my head.

But hey, I’m still here!  And you guys get to listen to some cool music.  But fair warning, this is not exactly a Top-40 kind of record; it’s indebted much more to the progressive & psychedelic rock of the ’60s & ’70s, as well as the alternative rock of the ’80s & ’90s than it is to anything you may have heard Casey Kasem (may he rest in peace) spinning during his reign as King of the Disc Jockeys.  Be that as it may, I’ll leave it at that so as not to influence your listening experience with my post-February disgruntled proselytizing about how “no one understands my Art!”  Just sit back, check your expectations at the door, and enjoy – but remember: quality earmuff-style headphones are best!

Servant of the Secret Fire


Tyrant of the Tumulus (including Le Danse Macabre Overture)


Yvain, the Knight of the Lion

Time Like a Boat

Distorting Time

Secret Fire


Hard copies of the album are now available!  Lyrics can be found here.

Requiems & Rebirth



Ein Tag im Leben

Don’t Panic

The Opening


North Country Requiem


The full album is now available for purchase via the online marketplace.  Lyrics can be found here.

Lapis Philosophorum


Pay the Piper

Drone (Corvos)


Birds & Bees

Nocturne (For Milady)

Media-Synchronized Robot Army


Lyrics coming soon!

For the Ages


For the Ages cover

After the Storm


Ballad of a Brother

Questions (For the Ages)

Here We Are (Hear, We Are!)

Memories of the Faded West

Serenade for a Little Fox

Lyrics coming soon!

The Silver Flame


Ouroboros - The Silver Flame cover

Avalon (After the Fall)

And So It Goes


Song for the End

Tír na Sídhe

Lyrics can be found here.

The Green Tower


2013RPM coverVision of Camelot

Reasons, Evermore

What They Want

House a Home


Lyrics can be found here.

Endless Cycle


Endless Cycle


Twisted Hearts

Chase the Wind

Ends & Beginnings

Lyrics can be found here.



Dla Mojej Kochanej

1st Law of Thermodynamics (Misia’s Song)


The Quest

Let It Be So

Calm Under Chaos

Lyrics coming soon!