Ouroboros is…

Waves upon waves flowing to the Light… Love is All, and All is One.


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Congratulations! You’ve officially found your way to the Most Obscure Page on the Interwebs.  I think you get, like, a 10,000 coin Hipster Bonus or something.  Don’t quote me on that though; I didn’t actually bother to read the manual.

In all seriousness though…

Ouroboros as a symbol represents the One, all-encompassing, which proceeds from (and possibly results in) the clash of opposites: yin and yang of the Taoists, coming together in the Endless Cycle.  It is the embodiment of the prima materia of the alchemists, Prime or First Matter, which is animated by the Spirit of God, resulting in the created world.  As such, it is representative of primal and utter Chaos and pure creative force, as well as the cyclic nature of life & death, the seasons, galaxies, and the Universe as a whole.  It is the One Power, Energy in it’s purest form: the quantum force behind all existence.  It is the Soul of the World free of any bonds, timeless and immutable, yet ever-changing.

The circle turns and turns, the snake devours its own tail…

Undoubtedly, Ouroboros as a musical entity can only graze the surface of these concepts.  It is the work of a singular man, multi-instrumentalist, and amateur student of history and esoteric philosophy/theology.  Sometimes folky, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes classic, sometimes progressive…and other such adjectives/clichés.  Regardless, the underlying currents to it all are the recurring themes of cyclicality, spirituality, and humanity.

Of course, this could all be a load of balderdash.  Listen for yourself, and make your own conclusions.