Tragedy, Heartache, and Woe!

Two days until the 2019 RPM Challenge kicks off on February 1st, and tragedy has struck in Ouroboros-land!  Behold…


Yes, that is my left index finger, a.k.a. The Finger For Which All Other Fingers Are But Mere Guitar-Playing Shadows.  Trust me, you do not want to see what is under that bandage (don’t worry, Mom, I’ll be fine).  Suffice it to say that a significant portion of the skin & meat over the first knuckle has been suddenly, forcibly, and – thank you very much – cleanly separated from its once-happy home.  Playing guitar or any other stringed instrument is going to be… difficult, to say the least.

But fear not, Ouroboros-ites!  Plans are being made, contingencies formulated, alternatives considered, celestial bodies consulted, seeing stones scried, and runes cast.  We may get an Ouroboros album that looks a little different from previous years (as if you couldn’t say that about every album already), or we may get a collaboration project with another excellent RPMer.  Stay tuned for more details.

All Is One.

Hard copies are now available!


Well, it only took about five weeks, but I finally received the latest test copy from the publisher, and everything checks out.  So, Servant of the Secret Fire is now available as fully manifested, physical object in four dimensions!  I know, crazy, right?!  You can check it out here.  Also, you can obtain albums from past years as well, in case you need more insight into the special brand of crazy – excuse me, creativity that is Ouroboros.

And another thing!  Full lyrics are available for the album as well.  So, if you can’t tell what all those ghostly Daniel Day-Lewises are shouting about in “Tyrant of the Tumulus”, you now have recourse to look up the words.  Read ’em and weep!


Is it midnight yet?!

Holy sh*t, it’s after midnight, guys!

As some of you may know, March 1st is the deadline for submitting a completed album to the RPM Challenge, which means oh my God WHAT AM I DOING WRITING A BLOG POST RIGHT NOW????!!!!!

Okay, minor panic attack aside, the album is done and published on the RPM website.  You guys can check it out here.  Lyrics, the rest of the artwork, and the option to purchase a hard copy of the album are coming right on the heels of the music itself, so be sure to check back soon!  And in the meantime, enjoy!

2018 front cover

2018 front cover

RPM 2018: It Cometh!

That’s right, folks: February is upon us, and so too another RPM Challenge. 27.0833̅ days (as of this typing) to finish a full album (10 songs or 35 minutes minimum) of original audio. In preparation for this back in December (and because I’m such an awesome big bro), I got my brother a set of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies cards for use during his own RPM project, which he promptly forgot before heading back home with his family after the Holidays. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Oblique Strategies (and perhaps for some heinous reason unable to click the link I just provided you with), they are essentially a set of flash cards Eno and fellow British artist Peter Schmidt developed back in the ’70s to help solve creative problems, which were somewhat-famously used by Eno and Robert Fripp in some of their collaborations. Cards can be anything from “Don’t be afraid of things because they’re easy to do,” or “Take a break,” to the Zen koan-like “The most important thing is the thing most easily forgotten,” and (one of my favorites) “Decorate, Decorate.”

So, after thoroughly kicking myself for not picking up an extra set for myself at the same time, I’ve decided that my brother’s loss is my gain, and I’ll be making use of them during the recording process. (Don’t worry, my brother will still be able to use them for his project; it just means that I get to “curate” the cards he receives. Muahahahaha…!)

Of course, Karma is a fickle creature, and after sending my brother his inaugural card (“Don’t be frightened to display your talents” – a fitting card for a very talented musician, if I do say so myself), I pulled a random one to get my own for the day, and… Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here:

Oblique Strategy 02-01-18

The Universe clearly has a sense of humor.

Welp, see you folks in March! I’m off to begin a strict diet of Kenny G, Chicago, John Mayer’s “Your Body Is a Wonderland”, Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash” & “Rapunzel”, and Tenacious D’s “Fuck Her Gently” until… something… happens. I hope you’re happy, Eno. I hope you’re happy.



While you await the latest… Supremely Sensual Ouroboros album with bated breath, you can listen to some tracks and even *cough* shameful product plug *cough* buy an album or two on this, the official Ouroboros website. It’s Easy Listening!

Hard copies now available!

That’s right, ladies & gentleman!  The latest Ouroboros effort, Requiems & Rebirth, is now available for purchase in the online marketplace.  Head over there now, and we’ll send you your very own physical copy which you can listen to in ActualReality™!  It’s so much more real than VR, you’ll actually believe it’s not a digital simulation!

And in case you missed them, you can also pick up copies of previous years’ efforts here.  Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

It’s official!

RPM HQ accepted the album a few days ago, so it’s officially on the books!  Not only that, but the album art is complete, which means I will be submitting the master recording and all the art to the publisher soon – which in turn means that hard copies will be available within the next few weeks!  In the meantime, head on over to the Ouroboros page of the RPM Jukebox, where you can listen to the full 2017 album, Requiems & Rebirth.

Cover art for the 2017 album